Not sure if you’re fighting hard water?

We can tell you!

This is what your water should feel like.

Actually Drink Your Own Water!

Do you have flakes in your water or does it taste odd? Well, that’s a thing of the past! You can get sparkling, clean water right from your tap!

Itchy, dry, uncomfortable. Are these the words you’re using to describe your skin and hair? Hard water can leave behind particles on your skin. There’s nothing you can do but pay serious money in special lotions and shampoos.

No More Rust Stains!

How many times has your washer ruined your favorite pants or shirt? We can help you fight rust and keep your whites white!

Is it hard to keep your whites white? Do the bright colors you bought at the store look dimmer and dimmer? It may not be your fault. It may have everything to do with the water you’re washing the clothes in.

No More Itchy, Dry Skin!

Imagine loving the feel of your hair and skin! With the right water conditioning system, dry and itchy will be replaced with soft and beautiful.

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Save Your Appliances!

Rust and hard water deposits can limit the life expectancy of your appliances. You can get up to 70% more usage with a water conditioning system!

Notice stains in the bottoms of your sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, and appliances? Even if you have a water softener, iron deposits can be left behind that leave stains once the water has evaporated!

Ready to see what’s in your water?

Good water is great for your family!

Brenneco Plumbing has been solving people’s water problems since the 1980s. Over the past few years, we’ve expanded into water softeners and water filters due to the amount of customers who came to us with water problems – beyond plumbing issues.

Constant stains, bad taste, bad smell, and appliances failing before they should were just a few of the problems we began solving for our clients.

We love bringing quality water into your family’s home. There’s nothing better than helping families lead happier, healthier lives!

“This was the first time I’ve ever used Brenneco Plumbing.
They were on time, quick, friendly, and professional!”

Get bottled water straight from your faucet.

  • Save more than $1000/yr compared to buying bottled water
  • Know what’s in the water your family is drinking
  • Reduce waste in landfills
  • Encourage healthier habits by offering great tasting, easy-to-access water

Your dishes will sparkle.

  • Soft water makes dishes look and feel clean
  • No more water spots that make your glasses look dirty

Keep your whites white.

  • Actually buy a white dress
  • Soft water helps your appliances last longer
  • Remove rust while keeping sinks and clothes sparkling white

Did you know?

Your appliances can last up to 70% longer with conditioned water!


30% longer life in your toilets!


50% longer life in your water heaters!


60% longer life in your faucets!


70% longer life in your appliances!

Ready to discuss your water?

To schedule a free water evaluation, please complete our online form. A technician will call to verify the day and time you choose. We promise this is a no-cost, no-pressure, no-obligation evaluation.



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